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7 habits to keep your carpets cleaner forever


7 habits to keep your carpets cleaner forever

Are you tired of seeing your carpet dirty and stained every day? There might be more you can be doing to keep your carpet looking and smelling its best. Here we would be discussing on clever habits for keeping your carpet in tip top conditions and pleasant all the times.  


Use good doormats for every entrance
Doormats are useful for stopping the dirt that is being tracked in from outside. Most of the grime in your carpet comes from outside and the bulk of it coming is unnoticed on shoes that don’t appear to be either muddy or dirty. So use doormat at every entrance of your home inside and outside. A door mat you keep at every entrance should be long enough with the width no wider than the door itself so that you can walk across with both feet before entering the room. The people coming to your room literally walk along it, shifting off dirt onto the mat.


Clean any stains right away
To make your carpet last longer and keep it clean, be attentive to clean any messes or stains as soon as possible. Also remember the different kind of stains requires different cleaning methods. So be sure you are using the right solution and method for your carpet. Do not wait longer to clean your carpet spills or stains, the longer you wait the harder it will be to clean them up later and may damage your carpet.


Vacuum regularly
Vacuuming your carpet on regular basis is vital to keep your carpet clean and fresh. It is recommended to clean high traffic areas once a day and entire home twice a week. If you have pets at your home you should increase the frequency of vacuuming your carpet. Schedule vacuuming time every week will remove surface level dirt and help to maintain luxurious feel and bright color of your carpet. To keep your carpet from deteriorating deep vacuuming is needed which includes a bit of extra work once or twice a week.


Invest in a good cleaning vacuum
It’s definitely worth it to invest in a good cleaning vacuum while a vacuum is essential to keep your carpet clean on day to day basis. They are great for treating stains and keeping your carpet fresh, clean and looking spotless. And if you have pets, it’s better to consider getting one to deal with pet odors. Investing in a good quality carpet cleaner is the key to easy and speedy carpet cleaning with stunning results.


Make your house a shoeless zone
Politely ask your family members, friends or guest to shed their shoes just inside the entrance. Keep shoe rack or cupboard near the entrance where people can keep their shoes. Besides, to reduce the dirt entering your house, limit the number of entrances that are used. This way, you will cut down in the places where people and pets can walk dirt in and may spoil your carpet. Also, to reduce dirt entering your house request the people to close the door after they entered the room.


Clean your carpet properly
Regular vacuuming only provides the first line of defense against dirt and germs that damages the carpet fiber. But carpet also needs the regular cleaning to keep them looking at their best. Wash your carpet every 12 to 18 months or more often for high traffic areas. If you have pets or small kids at home consider cleaning your carpet two or three times a year. Always remember to follow professionals cleaning guidelines and only use the recommended carpet cleaning solutions.


Get your carpet professionally cleaned
Use a rental cleaner service if it is recommended by the carpet manufacturer or have your carpet professionally cleaned. If you want wet extraction method, make sure the carpet dries completely within 24 hours to prevent decay and mildew growth in your carpet and to stop moisture from damaging your floor from underneath.


So start implementing these habits into your home to keep your carpets clean forever. If you need to arrange your professional carpet cleaner, CRG Carpet Cleaning is here to help you. For more info or to book our carpet cleaning service call us at 0411 154 433.

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